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Meducation, PC
Steven L. Hersch, MD, FACP

Meducation is an alternative to the traditional system of medical care. Meducation provides a personal medical consultant to coordinate all aspects of your healthcare. Meducation is a collaborative process to make you the expert on your health and your treatment options so you can make confident health decisions in an increasingly confusing medical system.

Meducation is the vision of Steven L. Hersch, MD, FACP. Dr. Hersch sees the highest quality healthcare resulting from an internal medicine practice enhanced by patient-centered care, patient-centered decision making, patient advocacy, evidence-based medicine, and education.

Meducation is a small, specialized practice offering you the unique ability to choose options to manage your health in collaboration with an expert internist and with a menu of medical services.

Effective 1/1/2012 we are a "concierge" or membership style practice. Our practice is not insurance and provides only the limited scope of primary care services specified in our Membership Agreement. The patient must pay for all services not specified in our Membership Agreement.