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Medicare Physical

Medicare now offers a Welcome to Medicare Initial Preventive Physical Evaluation (IPPE)  to all Medicare enrollees within the first 12 months of joining Medicare.  This evaluation differs from a Meducation Assessment in that the IPPE is more directed toward screening exams, for example, colonoscopy.  Screening exams are important for finding disease early.  The Welcome to Medicare IPPE is a perfect time to either follow-up on screening exams you have already had, or to get base line results on screening tests you have not had.  The Welcome to Medicare IPPE is not intended to treat medical conditions and diseases and it does not include an examination. Meducation fully supports the Welcome to Medicare IPPE.

After your IPPE, Medicare covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV).  The AWV is not intended to treat any illness or symptoms.  The AWV can be coordinated with your Annual Assessment in our office