Patient Portal

For Other Healthcare Providers

Medicine is changing, and patients are becoming more involved and more informed.  For health care providers, the questions are getting more difficult, but the answers aren’t any more clear.  Just as Dr. Hersch enjoys teaching his practice members, he enjoys assisting and teaching other practitioners.  Here are some examples of issues where Dr. Hersch can help:

Nurse Practitioners

Do you need “curbside consultations,” but don’t want to burden your usual contacts?  Do you have complicated patients who refuse to be referred?  Do you work rurally with little back up support?  Do you need your test results formally read or supervised by a physician?


Do you wonder if test scores could be affected by certain medications or medication combinations? Do you have prescribing abilities but questions about medicines or complicated patients? 

LCSWs, MFTs, and Counselors

Do you have clients with questions about their illnesses or about medical diagnostic tests?  Do you ever wonder if clients have understood the information about their illnesses correctly?  Have you ever debated whether you should report certain symptoms to a client’s physician in order to improve their medical care?

Dr. Hersch can answer these questions and many others.  If you ever fantasized about how wonderful it would be to have a private medical consultant on your staff, contact us to discuss how we can best serve you.