Patient Portal

Easy Access

Some people prefer face-to-face contact with their physician.  Others, especially the younger generations raised on MySpace and blogging, prefer telephone, video conferencing, or secure email.  Meducation strives for patient oriented physician access, by giving you the type of access you prefer.  You can access Dr. Hersch via teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or secure email.

Research shows that up to 70% of routine office visits can be handled by telephone. Through Easy Access, you will be able to schedule teleconferences and videoconferences.  You can have your healthcare appointments wherever you are—even if you are out of the country—and not have to waste time getting to and from your appointment.  Secure email access to Dr. Hersch is also available. (Of course, for some circumstances, you may need to schedule an office visit for a complete examination.)

If you have a condition which needs careful routine monitoring, you may need to have frequent office visits for blood pressure checks, pro-times, or blood glucose levels.  If you wish to purchase the appropriate machines for home monitoring, Dr. Hersch will help you learn to perform the tests at home, and you can send the information to the office to be monitored remotely.  This may be especially appealing to those who live rurally or out of town.