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Question:  Is this a “concierge practice” or “retainer practice”?
Answer:  Yes—and no.  According to Medicare guidelines, this practice would qualify as concierge care or retainer-based medicine.  However, the intention behind this practice is very different.  The State of Oregon has determined that our office does not require certification as a retainer practice.

Question:  How is this practice different than a regular concierge practice?
Answer:  Our annual fee is lower than most and our practice membership size is lower than most.  More than half of concierge practices nationwide charge between $1500-$1999 per year.  Our annual fee is $1440.  Our practice offers a menu of services, and practice members pay for what they use.  For those services that fall outside of the annual Assessment, Dr. Hersch charges for for specific services that have corresponding insurance codes.

Question:  Do you take insurance?
Answer: Meducation is contracted with Medicare and is a preferred provider with most insurance plans.  Meducation accepts insurance for covered services.  However, some of Meducation’s services are not covered by insurance.  If you have questions about insurance coverage, please ask our staff.

Question:  What about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?
Answer:  ALL of the services offered by Meducation are valid medical expenses and may qualify for reimbursement through Health Savings Account plans or through other benefit reimbursement plans.  Please contact the director of your benefit plan for details of your specific plan.  If you have additional questions, please ask our staff.

Question:  My last doctor billed insurance for “headaches,” but we used the time to discuss preventative health and other issues.  Can’t you do that too?
Answer:  Without being present for the consultation, we are unable to comment on how your last doctor billed your visits.  At Meducation, we bill for the services we provide, and we provide the services for which we bill.

Question:  Do I have to live in the Ashland-Medford area to be a member of the practice?
Answer:  No!  Up to 70% of non-urgent medical issues can be resolved with a phone call.  If you regularly visit the area, you can plan your Meducation Assessment during your Shakespeare visit or fishing trip. You can plan on most of your additional visits being by teleconferencing or videoconferencing.  Of course, Dr. Hersch may have to see you in the office for some issues.

Question:  Will Dr. Hersch see me for a second opinion or specific issue, if I am not a member of the practice?
Answer:  Yes.  Dr. Hersch will see referrals and give second opinions for people who are not members of the practice.  You are welcome to discuss practice membership at that time if you are interested in joining, but Dr. Hersch will honor your desire to continue care with your primary care physician.

Question:  I care for my elderly mother.  How can you help?
Answer:  Dr. Hersch can help you and your mother in several ways.  He can help you navigate the complicated decisions of this stage of life while maintaining your own health.  He can help you coordinate resources and support systems.  By reviewing your mother's records and medications, he can help you understand her health issues.  He can also see your mother for a Meducation Assessment, or for a second opinion for a specific problem.