Patient Portal

Becoming a Member  

Dr. Hersch’s medical practice is not like that of other Internists, and members of the practice are not typical patients.  The word “patient” means “one who endures.” In medicine it has also grown to mean someone who is passive about medical care.  Meducation does not want “patients,” but rather people who wish to be active participants in their healthcare.  Members of Dr. Hersch’s practice will be sharing in decision making and treatment planning with an expert Internist who will educate and offer advice.

Membership Interview

The initial step in becoming a member of Meducation is to determine if this is the right healthcare practice for you.  The best way to decide if Meducation fits with your needs is to meet and speak with Dr. Hersch.  All prospective members will have a 10-15 minute interview with Dr. Hersch.  The interview is not a medical examination; the purpose of the interview is to discuss your expectations for your personal physician and Dr. Hersch’s expectations for you as a member of Meducation.  You and Dr. Hersch will decide together whether the practice is a good fit.  If you agree on membership, you will then be asked to schedule a New Member Meducation Assessment and to have all relevant records sent to the office.  Meducation may also ask you to complete some heath assessment tools.

Meducation is a "concierge" or membership practice. This means that Meducation charges an annual membership fee. This fee allows us to provide services that are not compensated by Medicare or other insurance plans - such as email and cell phone access to Dr. Hersch.