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Member Benefits

Meducation was designed as a different kind of healthcare system for members with high expectations of their healthcare providers.  Meducation offers a variety of services, and fees are based on services rendered.  However, as a member of the practice, you will have the following standard benefits included with your annual membership:

Standard Benefits to All Members

  • Membership Interview with Physician.
  • General email to office regarding scheduling, billing, etc.
  • Same day scheduling for urgent appointments.
  • Ability for members to choose length of time scheduled with physician for Meducation services.
  • Medication plans based on insurance formulary whenever possible.
  • Access to confidential voice mail and email with Dr. Hersch.
  • Access to Dr. Hersch via cell phone for emergencies.
  • Prompt results for diagnostic tests.
  • Coordination with your other healthcare providers.
  • Short wait times for appointments.
  • Assistance with completion of medical or insurance forms.
  • WiFi access in office.
  • Assistance with insurance matters.
  • Research on specific topics of importance. 

Descriptions of Standard Benefits

Membership Interview:

All prospective members will have a 10-15 minute interview with Dr. Hersch.  The interview is not a medical examination; the purpose of the interview is to discuss your expectations for your personal physician and Dr. Hersch’s expectations for you as a member of Meducation.

General email to the office:

All members have access to email (as well as telephone) for communication with the office for general business.  If you want to schedule an appointment, have billing questions, etc., you can email the office.  This general email is not intended to be used for confidential health information.

Same Day Scheduling:

Although some appointments (such as your Meducation Assessment) will be scheduled in advance, some appointment times will be held open each day for same day scheduling.  This will allow you to be seen the same day you call (assuming appointments have not already been filled). 

Member Chosen Appointment Length:

Patient centered care and patient centered decision making assumes that you are as important in the healthcare process as is the physician.  When scheduling visits for Meducation and preventative care, we will help you determine how much consultation time you need.  With follow up visits for acute and chronic illness, insurance billing is based on complexity rather than time.  Meducation allows you to determine how complex your concerns are and will allow you to assist in determining how much time to schedule.  For example, if you are having an allergy flair-up, a 15 minute appointment would be sufficient.  However, if you have uncontrolled diabetes, and have started a new blood pressure medication which is causing troublesome side effects, an appointment lasting 30 minutes or longer may be more appropriate.

Medication Plans Based on Formularies:

Prescription drugs are expensive, and even those with good prescription coverage often have formulary constraints.  With his patient centered philosophy, Dr. Hersch will work with you to see if the medications with the least out-of-pocket expense to you are good options for your treatment.

If this sounds like the kind of practice you want, contact us for an interview.